Smoking Pot and Sitting in the Dark


Getting high and sitting in the dark with another humanbeing might be the most essential part of ensuring the survival of our species.

Unlike the pretentious exchanges of the daylight hours, conversations in the darkness of night are adorned with an infinite possibility. In darkness, both time and space are bent because they cannot be reasonably measured. So you let the idea of a timeless and spaceless world overtake you. You cannot sense anything but the stillness of the air and beauty of the voices and ideas around you. You loose your sight, but you regain the stark consciousness of your humanity.

Following suit, the insecurity of regular face-to-face dialogue evaporates into the darkness. You and your companion are only made of the penniless and luxurious ideas tucked within your deepest corners—no body to limit your blissful naivety. So you might fall in love somewhere in that darkness.

After your lungs empty of the smoke, you will forgive everyone for everything. All the while, you end up staring so hard at the ceiling that you start to see stars and dancing sheep until the last hazy statement is made. Then, you drift into the dreams of your own mind until you float to a peaceful slumber.

I swear, getting high and sitting in the dark could end wars.


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