A Creation Story: Human Nature


Part I: The birth of all that is good

In a land 40,000 lightyears into the blackness of space, there lived a little planet devoid of the human race. There, the sparkle creatures roamed far and wide. From the tops of the fuzz covered mountains to the pink sands of the candy cane covered beaches, the sparkle creatures danced around carelessly as they sparkled in the sun all day without inhibition.

One night, the green people gathered in the jungle for a play date. They danced in the trees. I think they balanced on the leaves.

The girls grew their hair to their waist; it looked like a hurricane rushing waters into the sea. The boys wore no shoes and smoked a lot of weed.

The moon was full and caused the jungle to shine like shattered diamonds. So, the mini piglets ran wild and kissed the girls. Birds played the disco music to which the green people moved freely.

The infinite beings were all kids inside. They all knew the importance of play and the significance of water. Love was unbound and carefree.

Part II: The birth of all that is bad

But, one day, a stranger named Evil came and showed the green people new riches.

Frightening pink clouds filled with glitter and sugar rose above them and rained through the next three days. Becoming brainwashed by greed, the green people wanted more and more of the fascinating magic rain. The green people changed their hearts and traded their souls to the universe’s evil brother for just another three days of the pretty rain. The universe’s evil brother demanded that the green people clean themselves up and lead lives with silly purpose in return for more magic rain.

Most everyone agreed.

At the end of the three days, the girls cut and brushed their hair. The boys put their clothes back on. The piglets ran in fear as the green people tried to enslave them. So, the big entity in the sky, The Universe, took away the piglets from the people for mistreating them and replaced them with mosquitos.

The mosquitos kissed the girls who had cut their hair on the flesh of their necks. The mosquitoes planned attacks on the boys who now wore shoes and smoked nothing but time.

Eventually, everyone who sold their soul would perish to the ground.

Part III: The birth of hope

Yet, there did lay two selfless and generous lovers left in the pack of green people who did not trade their souls to Evil because their souls belonged to each other. They were the blinding light that caused others to turn away in shame. The universe’s evil bother plotted to change the couple time and time again. Eventually, time caused the boy to dull as his heart was taken with the temptation Evil presented to him over and over again.

When she noticed she was loosing her soul because of the boy’s greed, the girl ditched the boy and jumped into the sky to live with the piglets away from the temptation of Evil. While the boy perished with the others, she lived in freedom.

Part IV: The birth of the good and bad in human nature

She eventually settled on a planet a galaxy away named Earth and proceeded to spread her wings and the ideology of the green people all around the planet; she grew green things everywhere and planted love in the crust of the inhabitants. She promised to protect the ideas of love and freedom forever on this planet.

Today, we call this girl Nature.

Yet, Evil still wishes to hurt this girl’s new planet as a form of revenge for reeling against his ill intentions. She battles every day against the Universe’s evil brother who wishes to make the inhabitants of the Earth, human beings, fall to greed and destruction like the green people.

Although Nature and Evil bitterly fight everyday, worry not children. Every time you see green roots crack through the surface of the concrete that destroyed trees or see birds making nests with the piles of trash that cover the jungle or you see a stranger smile kindly in your direction or you have an orgasm that leaves you wailing, take comfort in knowing Nature is prevailing.

The end.


Note: this is a story I wrote a year ago or maybe two years ago; I was probably high on something beautiful and looking at the ocean or the stars. I think the moral of the story is that we shouldn’t succumb to the evil’s of capitalism because it’s destroying us from the inside out and probably eating our souls as a snack.